Enrich your life. Come home to Lakeshore Place.

As seniors consider moving into a retirement home, they may be concerned that their independence and quality of life may be negatively affected. Lakeshore Place is designed for independent, active seniors who want to continue to have control over their lives, but would like to simplify their responsibilities in order to participate in more – not fewer – activities.

Here are some points to consider as you determine whether the move is right for you at this time:


  • Would you like more opportunities to meet new friends?
  • Are your social activities becoming more restricted due to transportation or health issues?
  • When your friends and family visit, are they spending more time doing chores and less time visiting?
  • Would you like to entertain your friends and family more?
  • Are you finding yourself alone or lonely more frequently?

Your Home

  • Is house and yard work becoming increasingly difficult and cumbersome?
  • Do you feel secure in your home in the case of a health issue or other emergency?
  • Are you enjoying shopping for and preparing nutritious meals?
  • Do you eat alone every day?


  • Are you finding driving increasingly bothersome? Do you limit or avoid driving?
  • Would you enjoy more independence if you had help in getting to and from activities?
  • Are health concerns affecting your daily activities?
  • Would you enjoy more opportunities to exercise or participate in other activities?
  • Are you finding the responsibility of providing care for your spouse increasingly burdensome?
  • Would your life be enriched with the provision of basic supports?